Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleepless Sketch.

Stayed up all night, was bored, did this.
"I didn't want to move but I was so cold and so hot at the same time that it was unbearable. And then I heard her scream. My ears started bleeding. Then I woke up. Nothing had changed.The blood was still there. And so were her screams."


Another random. Not new but whatever. New ones will be up soon. This is taken directly from my sketchbook.


Here are some other randoms I found. As usual (for now anyways), these are a couple years old. New shit (as usual) will be up soon.

This is something I did for Bitch, You Know What I Want (some band from around here). My little brother (Ivan) did the coloring on photoshop.

About divorce I guess.

I guess I thought at one point that would make cool

I can't find the original, but this is the final product after Ivan did some coloring on PS.

This was supposed to be for some shitty numetal band but they never used it. Once again I can't find the original but this is the final product after Ivan worked his magic on PS.

This was later used for a flyer, Ivan did shading on PS.

Did this during spare in high school 2003. Ivan colored Uncle Sam via PS.

Old Flyers

Here's some old flyers I've done for random shows. All are a few years old. Newer stuff will be posted soon.

Click the pictures to enlarge them.


Wow some of these are almost embarassing. Fun shows though...I guess...some...

Art. And Shit.

I started a blog in the past but I never used it due to the fact I forgot my login information. But here's a new one.

As you can tell from the name of the blog, I will be posting my art (and other shit...). Here's some older stuff meanwhile I get new stuff done. It's been a while since I've done anything.

This was done a couple of years ago for my band Blackbirds and was to be used as a tour poster. Got my brother to do some coloring on photoshop and this was the final product:
I hand wrote all the dates with a tablet.