Sunday, January 25, 2009

Small compilation of work by Ivan Gongora

Duncan Boyd by Ivan Gongora

The Window // '05 or '06

The window that I must look for.

The window that I must open.

The room in which I will stand.

JA // '05 or '06

1. They explored the field because there was nothing left (and they starved for empty spaces).

2. They walked until their feet fell and their bodies accompanied them. Down they went. At the same time their spirits rose and an overwhelming happiness struck. A happiness that cannot to this day be described.

3. "A medicine is yet to be found", "Were dying", "We live but feel like we're dying". We breathe because air is there, not because we're greatful for this lifetime gift certificate.

4. I would often look at the sky in hopes of having my spirit lifted and resurrected. Every time my spirit sinks lower. The longer I gazed into the atmosphere, the deeper my fallen and distorted body sunk. The depth of my location was so immense that I was no longer in this universe. I was gone. But I still exist.

5. The face was there but his spirit was absent. My mural staged on but the painting dripped like rain. A multicolored dream. Like a rainbow that is in constant motion. I looked at my reflection and I saw a monster. This had been my image since the beginning. Denial is beautiful. The truth is disgusting. I needed to hide. I needed to self destruct.

6. I'm a werewolf. My crew has left me. We won the battle but I failed a task so simple. I've become the very beast that was in all of us.

7. I can live with that.